Shimla Hotels: Properties Worth Considering

Rising from a mere forest glade, Shimla became a favorite of British colonizers for its soothing climate and enchanting natural beauty. Soon it was announced the Summer Capital by the colonizers and they would often retreat to this lush hamlet for a dosage of fresh air and cool atmosphere. The town continues to entertain guests traveling from across borders in search of the same serenity and tranquility and they are best accommodated at hotels in Shimla. From humble shacks and guesthouses to heritage properties and lavish Spa hotels the list of Shimla hotels is versatile and is studded with many a jewel of properties.

Whether to avoid sultry summers or to relish snowfall during winters, tourists find plenty of excuses to visit the town and the town in return welcome them with at well-decked hotels in Shimla. Some of the properties for consideration are:

Marigold Holiday Cottages: A fabulous hill-resort Marigold Holiday Cottages is an apt location for those who are out on a leisurely tour. Designed beautifully these cottages depict Himalayan stone cottages with fully-equipped kitchenette, sit-out and bedroom. Unique hospitality and the comfort of tranquil surroundings, the atmosphere at these cottages in Shimla is one for complete rejuvenation and luxury. During winters the gorgeous cottages stays covered with snow create a fascinating aura.

Honeymoon Inn: A quaint and beauteous resort in Shimla, Honeymoon Inn overlooks gorgeous greens. As the name is self-explanatory the property is recognized for its explicitly romantic settings. Eyeing green valley and mighty snow covered hills, Honeymoon Inn offers just the right ambiance to reignite one’s romantic life. Therefore it is one of the most preferred Shimla hotels amongst honeymooning couples. The d├ęcor of the rooms is kept simple and cozy to match with the mood and the highlight is the large windows from where guests can relish the view of magnificent mountains.

Wildflower Hall: Situated at an elevation of 8250 feet in the grand Himalayas, Oberoi Wildflower Hall is the ultimate synonym for luxury and extravagance. Exclusivity and opulence are two main facades of this majestic property which covers 22 acres of virgin woods of cedar and pine. An erstwhile residence of Lord Kitchener, this property was recreated into its current magnificent self along with keeping an English elegance alive. Everything from dining spaces to living spaces and rejuvenation modes all are backed with a scenic backdrop of the hills making the experience one to cherish for life. Dining options at the hotel includes an open-air terrace arrangement namely, The Restaurant, an Indian specialty restaurant- Lutyens, The Coffee Shop and The Cavalry Bar. However the highlight of the hotel is its exquisite Spa where guests are pampered with signature indigenous rituals, massage therapies from Ayurveda, revitalizing body therapies and more.

Grand properties covered with emerald hues of Nature these hotels in Shimla are great stress-busters. While at luxury properties one is satiated with finesse and elegance offered, the four budget hotels goes easy on your pockets and the mid-range properties are focused towards striking a balance between the two. In a nutshell, irrespective of their star category Shimla hotels are committed to serve the best to their guests.

What Is a Raw Food Diet

The raw food diet is a diet where the foods are consumed in their raw state. Foods are considered to be raw if they have not been exposed to high temperatures above 115 degrees Fahrenheit. This ensures that all enzymes and nutrients are left unchanged and intact so that the body is able to absorb them faster.

In addition, raw foods contain many antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals and eliminate toxins. According to studies, most age related diseases and common ailments are the result of too many toxins in the body. Thus the raw food diet can help to slow down the aging process by preventing diseases.

Variations of the Raw Food Diet

There are several different variations of the raw food diet and they include the Raw Vegan Diet, the Raw Vegetarian Diet and the Raw Omnivorous Diet. All three focus on raw foods, but each diet has slightly different restrictions.

Raw Vegan Diet. The raw vegan diet is the strictest of the variations, but it is also the healthiest and the most popular.

The diet mainly consists of raw fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, sprouts, nuts and seeds, as well as many superfoods such as raw cacao, goji berries, protein powders and sea vegetables. The superfoods usually are not available in most grocery stores, but can be purchased in most health food stores or online.

The raw foods are often eaten as they are, or mixed together in salads, smoothies, or are juiced in a juicer. Many western recipes can be mimicked with raw foods, such as ice creams, raw fruit pies, pizzas and many others. Bread, crackers and cookies can be mimicked by using a dehydrator, which is an oven-like appliance that dehydrates the foods at low temperatures over a period of 4 or more hours.

Raw Vegetarian Diet. The raw vegetarian diet is not quite as strict as the vegan, as it allows for the consumption of dairy, eggs and honey. However, there are some vegetarians that only consume eggs, while others will only consume dairy, and still others refuse to eat dairy and eggs, but will use honey as a natural sweetener.

Raw Omnivorous Diet. This diet is the most relaxed diet, as it allows for all animal products provided that they do not contain harmful food additives such as colorants and/or preservatives.

All animal products, whether consumed by the raw vegetarians or raw omnivores are usually obtained from free range and grass-fed animals in order to reduce the risks of ingesting harmful bacteria. In addition, foods from grass-fed animals also contain more nutrients.

Does the Raw Food Diet Eliminate All Cooked Foods?

Many who hear about the raw food diet think that they can no longer enjoy their favorite cooked meals. But this is not so. Dieters can consider themselves to be a raw foodist if they consume at least 75% of their foods in the raw state. This allows for a partially cooked meal every night.

Coolest Tourist Destination in Boston

Boston is the largest city in New England and also the capital of the state of Massachusetts. Boston tourist attractions are uncountable. The original location of Boston is on top of three hills such as Beacon Hill, Copp’s Hill and Fort Hill. The name Boston was coined by the English settlers who came to this place at mid 17th century. These people named the place after the birthplace of one of their leaders named Boston Lincolnshire. It became a new colony by the Governor John Winthrop.

Boston tourist attraction include a number of worth visiting places. The names of this tourist hubs are as follows:

Black Bay
Copley Square
Beacon Hill
State House
Boston National Historical Park
Charlestown – Bunker Hill Monument
Charlestown- Navy Yard
Boston Common
Faneuil Hall
Old State House
North End
Old North Church
Theater District
Boston Surroundings

Beacon Hill is believed to be the home of the elite class of the people of Boston who are well known as the “Brahmin”. It is said that the African Americans have been living here since 19th century. The houses here are three of four storied and constructed of brown bricks to make it more attractive looking. The houses are build in the Federal style. The atmosphere of the place with its brick made sidewalks and streets gives a feel of the English style. The attractions nearby Beacon Hill are as follows:

Hatch Memorial Shell
Louisburg Square
Nicholas House Museum
Institute of Contemporary Art
Museum of Afro American History etc.

Charlestown was developed in the year 1628 and since then the population increased considerably within two years. This was resulted under the direction of Governor John Winthrop. It was in 1800 when the U.S Navy Yard was inaugurated. It was from then that Charlestown earned reputation of a famous tourist destination in Boston. The attractions near Charlestown are as follows:

Logan International Airport
Mary Baker Eddy Library
Museum of Printing
Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority etc.

The Copley Square is one of the top tourist attractions in Boston. Situated in the west of the Hancock Tower, the Copley Square is the main square of the Back Bay area. One can find the Trinity Church on the east side of the square. Again there is the Boston Public Library on the West side of the square. It is designed in the Italian Renaissance style.

Fenway Park is another popular destination for the tourists of Boston. It is a sports complex opened in April 1912. The Green Monstar is the best feature and characteristics of the stadium. One can see some of the old remains of the stadium like the hand operated scoreboard and old time baseball. The siting capacity of the stadium is 33871. There are some gift shops and some nice restaurants in the nearby area of the stadium. The popular spots to visit around the Fenway Park are as follow:

Gibson House
First and Second Church
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
John Hancock Tower
Museum of Fine Arts Boston
John B Hynes Convention Center etc.

Experience the Unique Culture of San Francisco

Located on the USA’s Pacific Coast, the city of San Francisco is one great big melting pot full of people from all walks of life. As a result, the city has developed and nurtured its own unique and highly colourful cultural identity. This hugely influential city has been largely responsible for changing attitudes and cultures throughout the world; and where San Francisco leads, the rest of the world follows – eventually!

Being sited on the San Andreas Fault, one of Earth’s most active tectonic plates, means that the residents of San Francisco continually live with the threat of earthquakes and this has certainly affected their attitude to risk. Almost entirely destroyed by a massive earthquake in 1906, a large tremor devastated the city most recently in 1989, although with minimal fatalities. As a result the residents of San Francisco have developed a uniquely different approach to life, living under the daily threat of obliteration by earthquake but ensuring that, in the meantime, their days are lived to the full.

Each year the people of San Francisco enjoy hosting many street carnivals and festivals, the most famous being the world’s largest Gay Pride parade, which takes place each September. Others include the Chinese New Year parade in February and the LoveFest held in late summer. The former has developed as a result of San Francisco’s Chinese community, and the city is home to one of North America’s largest and oldest Chinatowns. Established in the 1850s, it continues to be a massive tourist draw and has also featured in many popular TV series and films.

As well as unique culture, the city also boasts equally unique landmarks. The iconic Golden Gate Bridge that joins the city to the rest of Northern California is a true engineering marvel that overlooks the infamous island of Alcatraz, once considered the USA’s most secure prison. The Coit Tower sits proudly atop Telegraph Hill and is one of the city’s more noticeable landmarks, alongside the Tranamerica Pyramid – the tallest skyscraper in the city.

Other San Francisco tourist hot-spots include Fisherman’s Wharf, looking out to the Island of Alcatraz. Fisherman’s Wharf features a fantastic selection of restaurants and shops and is the departure point for the tour of Alcatraz prison, which now serves as a tourist attraction devoid of any dangerous criminals! And one hot-spot is totally unique: Lombard Street is a street like no other in the world, bedecked in flowers and winding its way up the side of a hill in a series of hairpins that slows the traffic to a complete crawl.

To make sure you get the best out of a trip to San Francisco aim to book into a hotel in the Union Square district, as it is very central for all the city attractions and a hub for the legendary Street Cars. And remember to book your hotel in San Francisco early if you’re going during any of the major festivals or parades, as they soon fill up!