Acquiring Low Cost Camping Gear

Camping can be a very stress relieving, fun, and agreeable experience for the nature lover, outdoor enthusiast, or someone who simply wants to “get away from it all” for the weekend. There is specialized equipment involved and picking the correct camping gear can be a very problematic task, especially if you are on a tight budget. Have no fear, it is very possible to go camping and be comfortable without breaking the bank.

A camping list can be broken down into a couple of parts and each could be referred to as “major” and “minor” camping lists. Items in the “major”camping collection include things such as your tent, sleeping bag, stove, canopy, lantern, etc. While these items tend to assume a higher upfront cost, they also tend to last the longest and would not need to be purchased again for many years to come. It is still possible, however, to save money in this list as well.

Major Camping Gear can be purchased at respectable prices at big discount stores such as Walmart. While the camping gear sold at places like these might not be of the highest quality, if you are just trying out camping and in need of camping gear, this is an able place to start. Craigslist and eBay are also smart resources for these things at significant savings. At a minimum, you will need the following:

1. Tent

2. Sleeping Bag

3. Lantern

4. Stove

5. Cooler

Minor Camping Gear is where the bulk of savings will occur. You may come up with many, if not every one of these items already in your house. Many of these items can also be purchased for next to nothing at thrift stores and garage sales. This list includes items such as cooking gear, cooking utensils, plates, cups, personal hygiene items, etc. Below is a list of the least required minor camping gear you may already have:

1. Cooking equipment (pots/pan, cooking utensils)

2. Eating Equipment (plates, cups, bowls, eating utensils, etc.)

3. Dish washing equipment (dish soap, wash and rinse basins, sponge, etc.)

4. Flashlight (headlamp, handheld, etc.)

5. Rain gear (raincoat, rain suit, umbrella, etc.)

6. Personal hygiene (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, toilet paper, etc.)

7. First Aid Kit (bandages, antibiotic ointment, hydrogen peroxide, etc.)

8. Large Tub (to hold the above gear)

To save the most money, shop around, ask around, and talk to friends that camp frequently. You may know someone who camps all the time and has an excess of camping equipment lying around they may be willing to let you have for free. With a little research and cleverness you may just be amazed at how much you can acquire for so very little money!