Restaurant Supply Offers Cookware

Grills and fryers? Check. Chefs and other assorted back house workers? Check! Cookware? Cookware is one of the most import pieces of back house equipment, and a good restaurant supply will offer a variety of utensils for any cooking situation. The choices for cookware are quite extensive; options for design, material and purpose of cookware are seemingly limitless!

One of my favorite brands of cookware is Mauviel 1830. If you are unfamiliar with Mauviel, let me sum it up simply: elegant copper cookware. Mauviel’s selection of copper and stainless steel frying pans are my personal favorite; any restaurant supply would be proud to offer this beautiful line of copper cookware!

Is it double boiling time? If you’re melting something that will burn too easily, there isn’t room for error! Most likely a restaurant supply will offer many different sizes and qualities of double boilers. Some brands are constructed of higher grades of stainless steel, while others are composed of lesser grades of steel yet much larger. Most however are all around good pots and pans!

Enter into the world of cast iron cookware and prepare for a journey into the heart of cookware care. Restaurant supply stores offer pre-seasoned cast iron cookware. Careful! This cookware still requires a simple cleaning. Don’t even think about using soap; cast iron cookware is porous and will absorb the taste of soap. Instead, as recommended by cast iron manufacturer Lodge, use hot water and a stiff brush!

When it comes to cookware in the kitchen, choose a restaurant supply with a customer service team always ready to help. The operators you speak to should be personal but professional, straight forward and knowledgeable about the products they’re selling!