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The Truth Behind Travel Deals Last Minute – Can You Really Fly Cheaper?

If you have spent anytime searching the internet looking for ways to save money on your travel air fare, odds are you have come across at least one site that advises you that last minute bookings can save you the most. While this may be the answer to all your money prayers, you may be wondering if this is really the best way to save hundreds on your travel air fare and fly cheapest to any destination that you may fancy.

Waiting to the last minute to book your flight can, at times save you hundreds while at others could cost you hundreds more than if you booked in advance. The trick is to know when to wait and when to book ahead.

If you are planning to travel on one of the most popular travel days of the year and possibly to one of the most traveled to destinations in the world, then you will want to make sure you book your flight way in advance. Popular flights that are always packed with passengers tend to increase in price the closer you get to the travel date. Airlines know that they will sell all the seats so they will up the price as a type of penalty for waiting to book your flight. They know they will fill the seat regardless of who pays, so charging more for it is just more money in their pocket.

On the other hand, there are times when waiting until the last minute can work to your advantage. If you are a spur of the moment type person, that likes to travel on a whim and do not really care about what day you leave, then booking a last minute flight may be the best way for you to fly cheapest. Flights that are hardly ever packed or are to a less than popular locale will cause the airline to drop its rates the closer it get to the flight date in hopes of filling ever seat before the plane leaves.

Now you know it is possible to save money on your travel air fare by waiting to the last minute, but that is not without its restrictions. If you do not care about the where and the when of your trip, then waiting to book your flight till the last minute can best the best way to fly cheapest to the next local of your choice.